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Cuba Bear Cruise

Bear Cruise Sept/Oct 2022

It is with great elation that that we like to announce that the Bear Cruise is in the works for Sept/Oct 2022!!

We should be safely out of the pandemic by then so it will be safe to travel.  The details of the next cruise are being determined and will be posted up with a formal announcement.   If you would like to have more information about this cruise as details become available, please fill out the form below so that you can get updates.  

 Join Bears LA, other Bear Clubs/groups, Cubs, Admirers and others in Sept/Oct 2022 for the next Bear Cruise

We are planning this cruise to be the most memorable event ever!


Share a Cabin? Click on the cabin picture above!

Who's Going?

Click on wheel above!

Once the cruis is formally anounced, you will want to reserve you cabins early! There were many who waited too long to do this for the last cruise and missed out on! Cabins for this cruise will be selling fast! If you are single, we can accomodate you if you are interested in sharing a cabin! 
By reserving a cabin and mentioning one of the affiliated bear groups, you are allowing for a donation of a portion of the cabin sold to go back to that organization!! Join Us! Have Fun!!  Help your affiliated local Bear Club!! 

Single Cruiser? Not a problem! Click on the 'Share a Cabin' icon at the upper right! Special attention will be paid to people wanting to share a cabin!

               To reserve your cabin click here! 


Plus Taxes and Fees

760-459-2321 extension 700

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