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Bears L.A. Board is a dedicated group of men who are focused on raising awareness of the Bear Community while connecting with and supporting others.  


Through the course of the year, the Bears LA board organizes and produces a number of events to help bring together people in the bear community as well as support a number of other organizations with outreach and charity. If you are aware of any past board members who are not listed below, please contact us and share that information. 



Sean Abley

Jeff Boone

Doug Bowers

Darryl Brady

Doug Brown

Kelly Burke

David Camboris

Frank Cavallo

Dave Cobb

David Damian Alvarado

David Davis

Richard Denton

Bob Diamond

Terry Fox

Marc Friedman

Bill Gaffney

Chris Gardner

Harry Gilbert

Vito Grandolfo

Richard Grant

Gannon Gray

Michael Greenly

John Griffen

Craig Haggett

Randy Hill

Eric James

Clark Jellison

Ken Kurras

Lewis Leifried

James Kawakami

Sean Nagel

Mark Legassie

Glenn Morris

Joe Mannetti

Charlie Matula

James Riggins

Albert Estrada

Cody Haughin

Nick Valle

Eric Winter

Michael Wojtovitz

Larry Wright

Craig Zalaman

Thom Zapata

Steve Finch

Rick Heintz

Tim Curry

Joe Mannetti

Tom Kunze

Garrett Scarff

Keith Kenworthy

Franco Perotta

Scott Loudon

Robert Lynch

Mark Malan

Neil Marshall

Craig McCauslan

T. Oren McElroy

Bryan Miller

John Moran

Mark Moshlak

Tom Munsell

Steve Norman

Joey Olsen

Judge Plummer

Glenn Potter

Dale Reinert

Harvey Richy-Gray

Earl Robinson

Chuck Rubin

Simon Sarkisian

Dave Schuler

Steve Small

Matt Spero

William Fyke

Carl Dove

Esteban Nunez

John Park


Interested in Being a Board Member? !!Contact  Us!!

Fill out the form to the left with complete info!


Your; Full Name, Email Address, Phone number, Current Street Address, 

Brief discription of your talents or what you think you would bring to the organization.

You can also use this form als if you wish to make a suggestion.


**Board Meetings are held once a month and all are welcome to attend. Send us a message for details** 



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